We have for you a wide variety of services, for the protection of your workers and your company

Fire Protection

We have state-of-the-art technology and first-rate technical personnel, ready to provide a reliable evaluation of your fire detection and extinction systems, including economically viable improvement actions. Additionally, we maintain fully equipped fire trucks to provide security in any activity you want to do.


We are at your disposal to help you in the training of your staff. For this we have a wide range of training programs, in person and online, which can be delivered in our various facilities or in-company. Our curricula are based on international standards, as well as many of them are endorsed by TEEX – The Texas A&M University.

Technical evaluations

If you are looking to identify specific causes of deviations in your processes, we have an entire field finding identification structure to implement direct application improvements. We have an experienced panel of specialists with a recognized track record and the ability to adjust to your performance standards.

Emergency Response

We study your organization and prepare your emergency and contingency response plans, based on the latest international standards, and in compliance with your local legislation. Likewise, we have expert professionals in the attention of emergencies and disasters both at the control and restoration levels.

IMO Certifications

Through us you can obtain professional competence certifications for your collaborators through the International Maritime Organization. Global requirements dictate the mandatory occupational certification of all workers who are exposed to risks of falling into the water and / or who provide services in fixed and mobile installations or boats.

Risk Analysis

We have a multidisciplinary team of expert and certified professionals for the successful execution of risk identification and evaluation processes at any stage or development of your project, with direct skills in techniques such as: HAZOP, Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Analysis, Assessments Environmental Impact and Cost Benefit Analysis.


Our solutions for you are possible thanks to a great team, distributed throughout the world